Our Pastors

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Former Pastors

  • Al Langston
  • Andrew Tessone
  • Bill Hoppin
  • Billy Foster
  • Bob Martin
  • Chris Guffey
  • Chris Kellogg
  • Danny Decker
  • Darin Shorey
  • Dr. Freema Ervin-Smith
  • Dr. Don Allcorn Sr
  • Eddie Brown
  • Garry Don Richardson
  • J D Reed
  • Jim Rutledge
  • Johnny Medlock
  • Ken Greene
  • Larry Green
  • Lawrence Yount
  • Lloyd Howe
  • Mark Haslett
  • Mark Revel
  • Reverend Clause
  • Richard DeFord
  • Roger Sherman
  • Ron Marsh
  • Ron Satterwhite
  • Tony & Merry Kroeger
  • Vassey Pillay
  • W T Morris
  • Wayne Isgriggs
  • Wayne Pierce

Hi, I'm Wayne Lamb and I'm excited to sponsor this message for local pastors to share with you the word of God. I pray that God will richly bless you.

For 20 years we've brought you go the distance program with local pastors. Inspirational messages to run throughout your entire day. It's just another way we're helping you go the distance ~ Wayne & Gayle Lamb, have a blessed day.

Start your week off on a positive note by the word of God listening to messages from local pastors on "go the distance" radio program brought to you by Wayne Lamb. Listen every Sunday for our 30 minute program on KSDL 92.3 at 8am and again KIX 105.7 at 9am, and daily inspiration messages throughout the week or listen online through this website. Let us know how you enjoy the show and while you're there, if you need prayer. This is Wayne & Gayle Lamb, have a blessed day.

Go The Distance Radio Schedule

Sunday Schedule

KXKX 105.7 Monday-Friday 2 minute messages

  • 12:45am, 6:20am, 10:30am, 6:40pm

KXKX 105.7 Sunday
  • 9:00am-9:30am

KSIS AM1050 Monday-Friday 2 minute messages
  • 12:45am, 6:20am, 9:45am, 6:40pm